About VCS

How We Began
Community Catalysts of California (CCC) has been providing services to people with cognitive and physical disabilities, and other special needs since 1983.  We began our organization with a grant from the City of Escondido of $43,000 to help graduating Escondido High School students with disabilities find real jobs in the community.  Since then, we have returned over $80 million in direct services to more than 5,000 individuals from 15 offices throughout the State of California.  Each office offers a variety of services that meet the needs of our consumers.

Serving Veterans
soldierCCC’s experience and expertise in helping individuals with disabilities find work and homes led us to partner with Naval Medical Center San Diego and other veterans organizations to offer transitional services to wounded and disabled service members returning to civilian life.

San Diego County is home to over 235,000 veterans.  And while many resources exist in the community, Veterans Community Services (VCS) provides needed help to these “wounded heroes” who are now adapting to life with a disability.

These services include intake, assessment, case management, coordination with existing services, assistance in finding affordable, accessible housing, daily living skills training, job development and coaching, substance abuse prevention, and follow-up services to assure long-term success.  VCS will coordinate with and utilize existing services in the community.

Challenges Facing Returning Veterans
As the number of Veterans being discharged in San Diego increases, with the County becoming home to more people returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than any other in the nation, the need for smooth transition and adaptation services is growing fast.  While many manage a smooth return to civilian life, a significant number face serious challenges that prevent them from leading fulfilling, enriching lives.