Our Services

VCS Model
All of our programs are provided on a one-to-one basis and are tailored to the needs of the individual.

Our services are designed to proactively address the issues that Veterans face to improve the quality of life in four main areas: housing, employment/education, benefits navigation and personal supports.

Prospective clients undergo a very intensive and extensive assessment process.  It is at this stage that clients determine what their goals are. Our purpose is to help them stay on track and achieve these goals by providing various types of supports.family

VCS can provide direct assistance or referrals in meeting the client’s housing, vocational, educational and living needs.  We also provide assistance in benefits navigation to ensure they are accessing all the VA and public benefits available to them.

VCS Goals

  1. Help all clients develop and document an Individual Plan, which includes their goals.
  2. Help clients navigate and apply for VA benefits assistance.
  3. Help clients navigate and apply for public benefits assistance.
  4. Help homeless or at-risk of homelessness clients find transitional and eventually permanent housing.
  5. Help clients meet their goals as outlined in their Individual Plan.